Reviewing My First Medium Article; a lesson in humility

I’ve been a member of Medium for about a year now. Every single writer submitting the articles I’ve read has been talented. The determining factor in picking which articles I read is subject matter. Some things spark me, some don’t… no matter how good the prose and how technically perfect the writing may be. Probably presentation (side pictures, title catchiness) has something to do with my choices……below the level of my awareness.

Which brings me to my article: “Which Decade Was Your Best”

I was never a good student. Underachiever all the way. What held me back, in large part, was my inability to write.

Paradoxically, I loved to read. Read everything I could get my hands on (as long as it was unrelated to anything academic). I,oh so, admired writers who were able to spin those yarns; others who could report journalistically on a true crime or someone’s life.

Things started to turn around when I bought a small radio station and became chief salesman and ad writer at the age of 47. The station didn’t make enough money to hire outside writers and most of the advertisers were mom and pop small businesses without the funds to hire ad agencies. They thought my 60 and 30 second spots were great. (Wait, what did I just hear? My writing good enough to publicize a pizza shop on a 1000 watt AM station in Maryland? No way!)


About 100,000 emails later after selling my station and getting in the real estate business I developed a herky-jerky style of written communication that includes a lot of quotes, parentheses, entire words in capitals (for emphasis), serial period dots, semicolons up the old waz;; (where, I’m sure they have no business being); hell….I’d even throw in cartoon bubbles if I could figure out how.

As the story progresses; I published my first article yesterday.

Before hitting the publish button, I proof read it at least 6 times. Even had a high school principal (girl friend) give it a go-over.

As Trump would say……Perfect.

Published; friends and family alerted. Gracious but tepid reviews.

But more important, the more I read it the more misspellings and typos I found even after it was published. Seems, in my proof reading, I gloss over what is actually there and, in my mind, see what should be there. Common mistake….probably.

So why do I feel so great????

I finally DID IT. Wrote the article, got it published. Maybe no one other than people who know me (who I alerted) will ever read it. No Pulitzers, no checks for any amount in my PO Box.

Work in progress(as we all are). I’ll keep at it.

Any and all constructive suggestions welcome!

A lifetime of philosophical, psychological, physical and fiscal involvement. Above all, a storyteller.