I’m Shunned In The Fitness Room BecauseThey Think I Support Trump

#44 Real Estate Man

The other day Real Estate Man received notice from my tenant (Karen).She informed him that she was vacating when her lease expired.She lives in one of the most prestigious condominium buildings in Philadelphia. It wasn’t because she was dissatisfied with the building. She adored the two bedroom apartment with floor to ceiling windows viewing forever that she rented on the 44th floor. As a matter of fact, she felt she owed him an explanation because everything had been so nice. She didn’t, of course, but, he must admit, he was curious. She seemed happy enough throughout the year; no complaints and paid her rent. Could be any number of things. They made an appointment to meet the next day in my office.

Karen’s story:

Karen began by telling Real Estate Man how much she enjoyed living in the condo for the year. A fitness buff, she particularly liked the fact there was a handsomely appointed fitness room in the building. She tried to use it every day.

The room was equipped with a bank of ellipticals , treadmills, stationary bikes, you know — all the standard proper equipment. Karen traces her troubles back to the wide screen communal TV. The appliance had been there for years — long since it was no longer necessary. It had been made obsolete by the individual ones attached to the newer exercise machines The wide screen was mainly ignored, left on for background noise.

Karen was the only person working out one morning when a group of regulars came into the fitness room. Apparently whomever was in the room before Karen had tuned the wide screen to Fox and left it on when they left. When Karen arrived at her regular time, 6:00AM, she ignored the programming.

When the group of regulars arrived around 6:15ish, they thought Karen had tuned the wide screen to Fox and therefore was a Trump supporter. Nothing was said or done to display dissatisfaction. No useless, endless discussion on political philosophy. Karen was simply — shunned. Oh, hostility could be felt, a few words mumbled.Karen even tried changing the routine of her workout and came in at different times. Evidently, the word had gotten out. She felt extremely uncomfortable exercising there at any time. Evident was the additional feeling of being rejected when she passed any of the gym junkies in the lobby of the building or in the hallways or even on the streets outside. The irony of it all — she can’t stand Trump. Karen doesn’t verbalize it out of a basic respect for the institution of the presidency — in addition to her own introversion.

Real Estate Man:

I’m thinking of adding the following provision in future leases:

There will be an additional security deposit the equivalent of one month rent to be forfeited in favor of the lessor in the event of any political proselytizing on the premises.

A lifetime of philosophical, psychological, physical and fiscal involvement. Above all, a storyteller. brianbarrabee@aol.com

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