Judy Salisbury is the person I depend on whether it’s for literary endeavors or life challenges.

She’s my grammarian, creative and computer advisor, proof reader and most generous critic. She’s also strong of character, loving and lovely

Judy you’re the bomb.

I’d also like to give shout outs to my three children and their wonderful partners. You guys: Jesse Parry , Beau Barrabee and Matt Barrabee— Zach, Tara and Elizabeth could always be counted on to read my endless submissions to Medium that eventually became this book. I appreciate your forgiveness for allowing me to sneak in events from your childhood occasionally in my confessions. Also, thanks for always being ready and willing to be dragooned into service in case of frequent unexcused absences of employees.

My grandchildren Emma, Lily, Grace, Xavier, Luke and Nicholas will hopefully have Confessions of a Real Estate Man as required reading in some esoteric real estate school exam cram course if the real estate profession figures somewhere in your future.

I’d like to thank Diane McCullough who took a jumbled pile of short stories with scattered pictures and rearranged them into what is now a book. I’d be lost and confused in a literary haze without you Diane.

The stories were written for the on line platform Medium with guidance from Dr Mehmet Yildiz from the Illumination, Justin Chang from the Data Driven Investor, Esat Artag publisher of the Innovation sprinkled with inspiration from Genius Turner and other writers. Thanks guys.

Cheers to Ted Kurland my renaissance man college friend from Houston who is supportive and always gives me his honest opinion.

You do— don’t you Ted?

Thanks to Carl for being Carl; Earl Forte for his expertise and sharing his experiences as an author with me among many other things, not book related; photographer Limbo Chitsamba who walked the extra mile to capture the venerable grandure of these old building friends in which most of the tales contained herein occured; brother Bruce and his wife Patty; Polly Koster, Jaqi Kleiman, James Mullin, Jack Rose, Norine Phillips, Bill McGuire, Wes Gerstenkorn owner of Premier Realty, Marc Ginsburg owner of William Penn Real Estate, Joe Schenberger owner of Aston Financial and Brice.

Never to forget the protagonists of The Confessions of a Real Estate Man; tenants and others in the real estate business all of whom had name changes in my story. Hopefully you’re pleased with your anonymity and the accuracy of the my depiction of the events that we’ve shared throughout 40+ years of enjoying each other.

It’s been mutually — interesting, I think.

A lifetime of philosophical, psychological, physical and fiscal involvement. Above all, a storyteller.

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