When my artist friend said that he had a wedding present for me, I was suitably grateful. I should have seen the red flag when he said that he shouldn’t give it to me at the wedding.

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You may be surprised at what you discover.

Happiness can be found with an either a YES or NO answer to that question.

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I see a…

The world has only seen 286 scattered years without war over the past 3,421. Peace in only 8% of the the total

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There are hundreds of books on how to make millions using the BRRRR method of investing in real estate.

How about the other BRRRR? The one for recalcitrant tenants

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Appreciation of real estate is a financial aphrodisiac.

There are two ways to react to impossible people: try to befriend them, give them some responsibility or avoid them altogether and take your chances they won’t notice you and leave you alone.

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I was about to give my first retirement investment seminar. I was hyped, ready and knowledgeable — but wrong.

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The explosion happened after we left the submarine.

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Whether participant or spectator, millionaires love sports.

Find out where the wealthiest mingle

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Brian Dickens Barrabee

A lifetime of philosophical, psychological, physical and fiscal involvement. Above all, a storyteller. brianbarrabee@aol.com

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